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an old man talks
of dying and baseball
you can't make out
his face

trace the lines carved
deep on his forehead
all the miles that ran
in place

a mother's tear
floods over the side
a new hole in
the ground
the reckoning
righteous invisible
lonely rings a slightly
muffled sound

a girl with a
dozen secrets

and a boy with
a broken heart
tasting blood and
subtlety they
stutter threaten
and they part

summer breaking
all of springs promises
burns it apart
shotguns sleigh bells
and all that is
glory and prideful
and dark

and then there's us
and our hang ups
and our
and all of our tommorows
and our soons
and hope to-bes

and terror grief
and love and life
and never and
a day
but here and now
this strength somehow
just please
hold on to me

We all know that what it was was yesterday
We meet again and all our fresh faces break away
For an hour lets put away our present day
Forget all of our phases and our lives all grey

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