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Animals who eat the poisonous parts of the avocado can experience loss of appetite (hyperexcitability and anorexia) and sometimes liver and lung damage. In the Philippines a piece of the avocado seed is applied to decayed teeth to relieve the pain. The seed and the roots contain an antibiotic which prevents bacterial spoilage of food. The seed yields a milky liquid that becomes red when exposed to air. The Spaniards found they could use this reddish brown or even blackish indelible liquid as ink. The brown peel of the seed may be mixed with cheese in to a paste that will kill mice and rats.

The seed may be grated and then toasted: Two teaspoons of this mixture can be used in one cup of boiling water to make a tea for urinary retention. (a diuretic)

The avocado seed weevil (Conotrachelusis aguacatae) a pest that can destroy avocado seeds and trees.

To grow an avocado tree from the seed plant it with the big end down in moist soil in a warm room. Water daily. (the big end is where the baby tree lives, the rest of the seed is food for the little tree. You can also put toothpicks in the seed and suspend it over water like a potato.

The seed is 13.6% tannin

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