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Yesterday, I sat down at my HP Pavillion running Red Hat Linux 7.0 Deluxe Edition, and began reading E2. But, while I was reading new nodes, I noticed that many were using blatant, shameless product placement. After a cool, refreshing sip of Mountain Dew, I fired off several angry /msgs to the perpetrators.

Folks, when you use product placement in your writeups, you undermine the integrity of E2 - exactly the sort of integrity that the Green Party is trying to restore to American Politics. And while I can understand the need to make extra cash - paying off those Discover Card bills can be tough, even with the 2% annual cash-back bonus - there are other ways to improve your cashflow. For example, Charles Schwab offers a multitude of low risk, high-yield mutual funds and money market accounts.

This sort of behavior upsets me deeply, so much so that only soothing Prozac can ease my nerves. If you would like to discuss this with me, you can often find me at Happiness Two Chinese Restaurant, 1301 University, now with free delivery.

Thank you.

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