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Tonight is a very cold night.

Not many people would be Out on a night like this. Not good weather.

You can get sick on a night like this.


Catch a cold. Develop fever. Sneeze.

You'd have to have a jacket to be Out tonight.

You could get sick. Maybe the infection develops in your lungs. Usually get sick in the lungs on a night like this without a jacket. Illness worsens over days. Airways congest with yellow-rust colored gunk. Maybe infection spreads to other organs. Digestive system. Pancreas. Liver. Heart. Brain.

Other organs congest with yellow-rust colored gunk.

Brain congests with yellow-rust colored gunk.

Being Out on a night like this could kill you.


I have a lot of ammunition with me.

You need ammo now. Didn't always. Just knife could do for awhile.

A lot of bullets. Not enough though. Too many footsteps. Sounds like eight or nine.

I've only got one or two barrels.

Didn't expect to hear footsteps tonight. Didn't plan for this many. Veryclosenow.

Very loud.

Not much time left now.

And I'm finding myself rather indifferent towards the prospect of impending doom. But life is cheap.

They are seconds away now.

I can hear their screams now. Inside my head.

Fight or flight response is now in full effect. I've got adrenaline pumping into all the tissues of my body. My heart is pounding. I've got adrenaline in my eyes. My dick is starting to harden.

Still only have two barrels in my shotgun.


I start looking for something, anything, I can use to hide in. Even if the Scavengers can still smell me, they'll leave eventually if they can't see me.

I throw the lid open on a nearby dumpster.

Oh. Hey.

There are two dead bodies in here.

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