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Equated Ayn Rand with moneygrubbing, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Where Ayn Rand promoted rational self-interest, non-initiation of force, and laissez-faire capitalism, the Institute declares that she actually meant to say "do anything for a profit." They back Microsoft without rational reasons, and they shamelessly accept donations.

I may be wrong, but I interpret Tsu's current WU to indicate that he was once a proud member of the Ayn Rand Institue (ARI) but has now left them. I believe he has left with good reason. Organized Objectivism is a mockery of the principles set out by Rand. The ARI and the NBI (Nathaniel Branden Institute) are more like cults than they are organizations designed to free the mind as Rand intended. I would speak in more details on how foolish organized Objectivism is, however, I have already dealt with the issue in a node that can be found here.

Ayn Rand's philosophies are a beautiful thing. They promote life, intelligence, and the self. They are not about greed and moneygrubbing. However, they simply do not work for institutions. The ARI is self-contradictory and as such is bound to eventually lead members to dismay. On the other hand, someone can very easily live a happy life as an Objectivist, so long as they guide themself.

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