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The Azdara is a playable ship from the Ambrosia Software game Escape Velocity Override. It is considered by many to be the best ship in the entire Escape Velocity Series. It is playable via the Azdgari storyline.

The ship is a small fighter with little in the way of shields and negligible armor, making it impossible to disable one and when it loses its shields almost immediately dead. The trick is that it never loses its shields. It has the best ratio of shield recharge rate to shield strength in the game, something like 200% per second. That fact alone makes it nigh invincible, save against extremely heavy firepower.

The ship is also very very fast, making it hard to control for many. Either way it is quite easily capable of out flying any ship in the game. It also carries 5 hyperspace jumps worth of energy, due to its small mass, giving it plenty of extra energy to pump into afterburners at a moments notice.

The last of the attributes of this ship is its price, at 1.5 million credits it is only 50% pricier than the generic Crescent Arada. Which makes it cheap, fast, deadly and impressively resilient, thus many consider it to be the perfect fighter craft.

The Azdgari in general favor mayhem and speed and that philosophy is visible in all of their craft. After completing the entire Azdgari storyline and buying all the available upgrades an Azdara is even more formidable. It is capable of easily taking on any other ship in the game and coming out virtually unscathed.

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