In Batman: Digital Justice, Pepe Moreno's cyberpunk rendition of the Dark Knight, we learn that in the second half of the 21th century, Gotham City is secretly ruled by a computer virus coded by the Joker in 1992. Fortunately, Bruce Wayne spent the final years of his life coding an anti-virus program that could eventually defeat it.

When the confrontation between the two programs finally occurs, they engage in a digital fight so fierce that the very fabric of reality is affected. The author represents this electronic quarrel as snippets of pseudo-BASIC code complete with line numbers. And what deadly weapons do these virtual warriors use to try to exterminate each other?

3130 LOCATE 0,1:DELETE $(40);:RETURN
1030 SCREEN 0,,0:CLS:COLOR 15,1,1

Also, in Jim Starlin's space epic Dreadstar, we are in a very distant future (thousands of years from now) and we have this character endowed with "cybernetic telepathy". Each time she tries to mentally search a computer for information we are shown some BASIC code. This time the code is not made-up gibberish, but real code, and judging by the REM lines (!) it seems to handle some kind of communication through a RS-232 interface.

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