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The BMW 7 series is considered to the the most luxurious range of cars produced by BMW. These are big, big cars (by European standards), with a super strong chassis and an almost unbreakable safety cage. The 7 series comes in a range of V6, V8, or V12 engine sizes. The model I will concentrate on is the top of the range, E38 (1995 - 2001) fully loaded 750i.

The engine is a 5.4 litre power house V12 with an output of 400 Nm of torque and 1500rpm, peaking at 490 Nm at just 3900rpm, ensuring an exhilirating driving experience to say the least. This equates to a blistering 326 bhp, going from 0-62 mph in just 6.8 seconds and a (Europe) limited top speed of 155mph. Without the limiter, it could easily reach 175+ mph. These kind of stats from a car that weighs over two tons show just how powerful a machine the 750i really is.

The 750i comes with 18 inch alloy wheels as standard, discs on the back and vented discs on the front and intelligent steptronic transmission that adapts and learns from your driving style. The more you push the car, the more power it dishes out, and it never stops coming. When you put your foot down all the way on the accelerator, it hits a sensor on the floor that automatically drops a gear, then piles on the juice to deliver the most awesome acceleration you will ever feel. It crushes you into the driver seat and the rear wheel drive makes you feel like a bullet train has collided into the back of the car on it's way to tokyo. The noise from the V12, although quiet very quiet in the low revs, when you want the power, it simply roars. It's like a powerful, gas guzzling, german symphony!

The 750i also comes with ASC (Anti Skid Control), an intelligent braking system that allocates power and brake to each wheel as they need it most, to stop the wheels spinning and to prevent loss of control. The good thing about this, apart from the obvious safety features, is that it can be turned off, leaving you to oversteer, understeer, wheelspin as you wish. I would advise strongly to anyone who is thinking of doing this to think consider carefully what you're doing before you turn this feature off. Swinging the tail of a highly expensive, two tonne car (that's not yours ;)) around a bend at high speed is NOT for the faint hearted. Bring a change of underwear with you. You will need it.

Apart from all the above fun stuff, remember that the 750i is a luxury executive car, so it comes with the most beautiful leather interior, satellite navigation, built in cellphone, cd changer, 12 speaker surround sound, you name it, the 750i has it. The 7 series BMW is also one of the most good looking cars to behold from the exterior, beautifully poised, streamlined and so......German.

So, if you have roughly £80,000 saved up for a house or something stupid like that, scrap any plans you ever had, and buy this car. It is the undisputed king of luxury sedans.

Way better than the S Class Mercedes too!

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