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All Blacksburg Transit passenger-carrying vehicles (busses and body-on-chassis vans) have destination signs mounted on the top front of the bus. These signs display the route or direction the bus is currently headed, and sometimes a "P/R message" selected by the driver.

P/R messages are generally something innocuous like "Go Hokies!", "Beat {name of Virginia Tech opponent that day or week}", "Smile! Someone loves you", etc. They are pre-loaded into our destination signs, but drivers are allowed to select from the pre-loaded set. On a boring night (say, the last night of exams), when the full bus schedule is running but very few passengers are riding, sometimes a couple of drivers whose routes pass each other frequently will start putting up strange P/R messages to entertain themselves.

One recent exchange, on a December night with temperatures in the low 20s, went like this:

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