In 1972, broadcaster Moses Znaimer parted ways with the Canadian Broadcorping Castration and started his own local channel in Toronto. Unable to secure a VHF license, Moses founded the city's first UHF station, Citytv, on channel 79.

Buried in the UHF void, Moses needed something to draw attention to his fledgling station. Among the things that he tried, around 1975, was showing "adult" (that is, softcore porn) movies at midnight on Friday nights, in a film series he dubbed "Baby Blue".

This was a first in North American television, and it successfully created enormous buzz around the station, as the citizens of "Toronto the good" were scandalized by the sight of naked breasts on TV (some 30 years before Nipplegate created a similar frenzy south of the border). Numerous complaints about the Baby Blue were lodged with the CRTC, but none were acted upon.

By 1977, Moses and Citytv were running out of money. Moses had to sell a majority stake in the station to broadcast company CHUM Limited. Whether it was this sale or a simple matter of having run out of acceptable material, the Baby Blue series was discontinued.

Fast-forward to the present day. In 2006, lonely bachelors and teenage babysitters* whiling away a late Friday night in Toronto can find softcore porn on numerous channels in the standard cable package. Showcase's "Fridays without borders" starts with racy content around 10pm, culminating around 12:35am with a softcore movie, which seems most frequently to be one of the apparently innumerable Emmanuelle films. Telelatino network (TLN) counters at 1:00 am with Latin Lover, with language presenting only a small barrier to understanding the story line, before moving on to infomercials for sex chat lines and Girls Gone Wild videos. Citytv, now on analog channel 57 or cable 7, has counterprogrammed by reincarnating the Baby Blue series as "Baby Blue 2". 30 years since inception, the series has lost its ability to provoke controversy, but still titillates insomniacs with a parade of naked breasts, toned butts, awkward cuts and camera angles, and of course the most essential element of all, porn music.

allseeingeye reports that TQS in Montreal did something like this with "Bleu Nuit".

Citytv's tv listing (external link)

* ... and others. A major sponsor of the Baby Blue 2 seems to be the Ashley Madison agency, which is presumably of interest to neither babysitters nor bachelors.

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