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A surprisingly entertaining children's PC (and Mac, but who cares) and Playstation game made by Infogrames Entertainment. The initial PC version was released in 1998, the Playstation version in 2001, and apparently a new MLS version also came out in 2001.

Anyway, as I said, it's a surprisingly entertaining game. It's basic point-and-click action, that is, you click on a spot, and your person moves there. When you get near the goal, the icon changes to an X, and you can shoot. Simple stuff, but the AI plays pretty well, and on the harder difficulty settings, and against the better teams, the computer puts up a good fight. I actually played through the B, A, and Premier divisions, and took the grand championship.

In addition to the season mode, there's also a random game set-up, but this isn't nearly as interesting, because every time you play a game, you draft a new team, and the AI drafts stupid.

In the Playstation version, there is multiplayer up to four players (with the multitap), and in the MLS version, they add MLS teams and younger versions of some players, but I imagine those versions play pretty much the same.

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