A Norwegian amateur filmteam, making action videos containing snowboarding, BMX bicycling, motocross and random stunts. They have been around since 1997, and predates shows such as "Jackass". However, they don't identify themselves with "Jackass", because the "Jackass" team do a lot of moronic stunts and offend people.

When the speed of internet downloads becamne acceptable for large files, the 110 MB "Out of faith"stunt and blooper video was published. They are now widely known in Norway as "The heros of Telemark".

The group members:

Leif Erik Kleppen - BMX
Jannis Harkiolakis - Junkie
Tor Gunnar Kleppen - Skater
Borgar Øvsthus - Nerd
Øystein Aarak - Motocross
Frode Mæland - Rampskater


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