Bag of Crushed Child was actually remade twice, if one counts the film of the musical version which had a brief theatrical run in 1985. But the sequel currently in development for 2014 release was clearly inspired by the cult status afforded the Thirtieth Anniversary Bag of Crushed Child Boxed Set containing the 1979 original and its 2004 remake, now available at WalMart.

Director Michael Bay recently sat down with US Weekly to discuss the developing story for Bag of Crushed Child II: Child, Crushed and Bagged:
Bay: Oh yeah, it's gonna be big, I mean hugely epic. I'm, you know, people will tell you I'm not respectful of the history of the franchise. And it's true, I never saw the films before I took this job. I'm not a fan. But Peter [Jackson, one of the producers of the sequel] is a huge fan, and so we're finding ways to honor the original while bringing new dimensions to the adventure of the story. Lots of action, lots of explosions. It's going to be a beast!!
The move to have Bay take the helm of the franchise has not been without controversy. Message boards at the forums have lit up with debate not only over this development, but over other rumors driven by it as well. Details of the casting and the script have been kept under tight wraps, though Bay has confirmed that the sequel will delve into the past, revealing details of Bag of Crushed Child's origin, and the genesis of his relationship with Luther. At the same time, Bay insists that the bulk of the story will be a true sequel, carrying the history and relationships of the characters into new settings and situations which tease out their character arc.
Bay: Well you know I can't reveal what's going to be the driver of the film. But what I can tell you is, there's a new, sinister element introduced into the storyline. Something which is, maybe trying to use Bag of Crushed Child for its own ends, and Bag of Crushed Child has to make a decision. Well, do I go this way, or do I go that. Do I give in to temptation, or do I stand up and be like, "No, I am Bag of Crushed Child!!" Oh, and get this. Part of the action is going to be underwater.
Rumors floating around the production revolve largely around casting, a topic which Bay refuses to comment on. Some fans were up in arms at reports that Shia LaBeouf would be cast as Luther, and that Glee's Lea Michele would portray a female lead singer in a reimagined Thunderland, and a possible love interest for Bag of Crushed Child; the following forum exchange illustrates fan sentiment:
HardBOCClife37: I can't beliv their even considring that uptite douchewad Shia LaBeouf fro Luther. Theirs only ONE actor livig today who can pull off that roll and thats Jason Lee

MotherBOCCer: Shia LaBeouf? I know!! More like Shia LeButtfuck. I told you Micheal Bay is gunna fucking ruin Bag of Crushed Child.

LuthersChickenGal: Jason Lee is too old. What about Jonah Hill.

Grrrglarrr79: Grrglargg!! Grraaarrr!!
Other fans have pounced on reports that Bag of Crushed Child would primarily be presented as a CGI effect built around motion-capture of Andy Serkis. An early production still thought to be of such a rendering of Bag of Crushed Child, released on fan-favorite news source, 'Blog of Crushed Child,' instantly inspired heated debates, with many self-identified 'BOCCers' denouncing it as 'horrible and fake looking,' while an equal number of their rival self-identified 'BOCCies' lauded the image as appropriately 'horrible and fake looking.' But the production still soon turned out to be a fake, actually cropped from an image taken years before of Gary Busey's liver.

Fans are concerned as well that the original cast members will not be given cameo appearances. Reginald "Stinky the gas station attendant" Sanders IV commented during a panel discussion at 'Bag of Crushed Child-CON XVIII' in Seacaucus, New Jersey: "No, they haven't asked me. They haven't asked John [Lansing aka 'Officer Jones'] or Phil [Watson aka 'unnamed token black guy']. I've talked with both of them. Any one of us would do it in an instant if the opportunity was given. Are you kidding, to be able to be in another Bag of Crushed Child film? It'd even be worth putting up with that uptight douchewad Shia LaBeouf!!"

Whatever the truth may be behind these rumors, it is almost certain that if Dreamworks goes forward with its plans for Bag of Crushed Child II: Child, Crushed and Bagged, the sequel will quickly eclipse the success of its source material and invigorate the franchise for a new generation of filmgoers.


* Thanks to Orange Julius for informing me that "Terry T. Tedd was apparently quite miffed at not being contacted for this, given that he was the one who tried for so long to get funding for a television pilot." It must be noted that a large part of Tedd's fundraising efforts involved going door to door in rural Western Oklahoma, sometimes dressed as a Girl Scout and selling homemade cookies. In this manner, he was able to raise $13,655.14, which he in turn invested in a trailer load of artisan cheese, currently on deposit in the First Bank of Fort Worth.

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