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BaGua means "8 trigrams" there is a martial art by the name which means "8 trigrams boxing". The trigrams are the same as the ones that are used in the I Ching they have a significance in Taoism.

They consist of three(tri) broken or unbroken lines and there is a trigram for every permutation that can be formed with these two lines.

some examples:
= =
= =
= =
When two trigrams are put together they form the hexagrams in the I Ching. Each trigram has a name, but I don't know them off the top of my head (and I am at work right now).

The Ba Gua Mirror is an octagonal wooden panel with a round mirror in the centre and the 8 trigrams around the edges. This may be difficult to imagine, but it's like the flag of Korea.

the SCENE: my SISTER's new house.

Oh, hmm, the feng shui in this house isn't that good. You'll need to put up a ba gua on the front door. That should keep the evil spirits from coming right through the main entry way into your bedroom.

sister's HUSBAND:
Well, the police are saying that burglars have been targetting homes with ba gua on the front doors. They say it fits the rich asian profile, and they've been having a lot of break-ins recently.

. . .

Well, we'll just have to hang it inside the house, then.

Protect your home from bad Qi flow!

The Ba Gua design is often used as a frame for a small mirror that can be hung to deflect bad luck and evil spirits. They can be hung inside or outside a building. Local considerations may be a factor, as illustrated above. It can be seen as the Chinese answer to dream catchers and mandala, in its ability to protect as well as pass on a little bit about native culture in the telling.

Some examples of when to use the Ba Gua mirror, gleaned from JadeDragon.com and personal experience:
  • A cemetery, mortuary or other negative place is located across the street from your home or business.
  • The corner of the neighboring building is pointed at your front door.
  • The building across the street burned down.
  • An electrical transformer box is near your property.
  • Your property is being vandalized or trespassed against.
  • The walkway to your front door is linear with no fence or curves to intercept negative energy.
  • Your desk is at the end of a long hall.
  • You must sit with your back to the room entrance.
    (i.e., place the ba gua mirror on the wall you are facing so that the energy of anyone entering is caught by the mirror.)
Anecdotal evidence bears out the potency of the ba gua. I personally believe it has much to do with reducing anxiety about the impact of the situations listed. It is noted that in times when no ba gua mirrors are available, a normal mirror of any size can produce similar results.

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