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Baja Sauce

Also known as "Pepper Jack Sauce," Baja Sauce is a spicy, white colored sauce with little red and green specks in it. It's used at Taco Bell restaurants, on anything with the word "Baja" in it, Gordita Crunch Melts, Grilled Stuft Burritos, and Border Tacos.

Although it's only used on these items, I very much reccommend that you ask for it on other things that you get. Order a little dish of it. Have some fun with it! It goes great on Mexican Pizzas, or in a Taco Salad, especially in the place of Sour Cream if you happen to not like that sour white stuff. Enjoy the Baja Sauce. It's good! And don't hesitate to try out its cousin either, the Santa Fe sauce.

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