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Delicious and ridiculously easy way of serving a good piece of meat

A good. lean pork steak is one of the most delicious things to have on your table: especially a good piece of organically reared pork will introduce you to the delights of this tasty meat. Fortunately here in New Zealand there are plenty of butchers selling good organic pork, so I am lucky to have a dish like this on a regular base.


Marinade the steaks and garlic cloves in a bowl, covered with a mixture of soy sauce and one tblspoon of honey for a couple of hours. Circa one hour prior to serving, take them out of the marinade and sprinkle pepper and salt on them. Now place them into a slightly oiled baking casserole or deep tray and add the rest of the soy sauce mixture into the pan and place it in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees celsius. After 20 minutes place them under a grill for another ten minutes and serve with a slightly crispy upper side.

I normally use the opportunity of a warmed up oven to serve baked potatoes and parsnips with the steaks, but there's no reason why you shouldn't accompany them with Chinese or South-East Asian side dishes. A chunky Pinot Noir will be the perfect company to this dish.


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