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Group of beggars, orphans, and street urchins that Sherlock Holmes used for intelligence gathering purposes. They took their name from Holmes' address at 221b Baker Street.

Also the name of the oldest organization of Sherlock Holmes fans, founded in 1934 by Christopher Morley. The Irregulars have branches around the world, and publish a quarterly magazine, the Baker Street Journal.

Baker Street is main street in Nelson, the city where I live. On any given day, as long as it isn't raining or snowing the streets will be full of hippies with natty dreads, drug dealers, punks, goths, and just about anybody else who doesn't quite fit into mainstream society.

A group of rag-tag kids in the Robert Heinlein book "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress."

These kids were purportedly headed up by a very young Hazel Stone (whose further adventures can be gleaned in Heinlein's "The Family Rolling Stones"). The purpose of this group was simple: get information about the Warden's goons, heckle the goons relentlessly, confuse adults, distrubute pamphlets which had information about the Lunar Revolution and act as spies for potential new recruits. All information gotten by the Baker Street Irregulars was conveyed to Adam Selene (aka Mike, MYCROFT Holmes Mark IV and Simon Jester). This same group got their orders from either Adam Selene directly or from the top-most cell in the Revolution.

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