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One of the better tattoo/piercing shops in Baltimore, Maryland. Located in Fell's Point, it is always a strong competitor for The City Paper's "Best Tattoo Parlor". As you might think from the name, the place is also a museum of tattoo history, featuring photos, tons of flash art, old devices used for doing tattos, and other such oddities.

The people working at Tattoo Museum are good artists, professional about what they do, and all around fun people to hang out with. Several times through the summer they play kickball and have a barbecue in one of the area parks with any customers that might feel like showing up (usually, that's a lot of people).

They do take walk-ins, but you have to be prepared for the possiblity that they are just too busy to handle you on that day. They close fairly early at night, to avoid getting too many drunks from the local bars in. Assuming you have any interest in getting ink injected into your body, or having metal stuck into something, drop by sometime.

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