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Banana Man is Ghoti Hook's famed character originating from the album (and song) of the same title. To understand Banana Man, one must examine him closely.

A visual of Banana Man provided by the cover of the album displays a young man of average height wearing inexpensive sneakers and glasses. The "Banana Man" also has his arms opened widely and a grevious look upon his face. This evidence indicates that Banana Man is, in fact, a poverty-stricken, garish, depressed male with failing eyesight.

Utilizing written testimonies from "Conrad and Joel" found inside the lyrics booklet, it is revealed that, though he might look "just a little bit kooky," he thinks that that's okay. Other passages from said writing reinforce my theory of poverty. They also allow that "B.M." is rather sedentary and secretive- and not exactly a law abiding citizen.

Other images within the booklet unravel more of "B.M." and yet arouse more questions:

  1. A picture depicting Banana Man saluting the capitol building indicates patriotism; yet "B.M." has been known to "run from the policeman."
  2. Another picture shows "B.M." with a group of young adults, contradicting the earlier testimony of "B.M."'s secret life.
  3. Yet another picture displays "B.M." enjoying a carousel- proclaiming his activeness, contrary to popular belief.
  4. The next picture shows "B.M." on a metro-type mode of transportation. What has happened to his position of poverty?
  5. The next and final picture is hard to interpret. It features "B.M." sitting, legs sprawled, pointing bananas as guns to the photographer. It seems as though Banana Man is proclaiming his mystery and relishing in being the victor of this mind game-- you may have won this round, Banana Man- but your day will come. Oh, yes, your day will come.

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