A document created by the Southern Baptist Convention outlining the beliefs of that denomination.

The Baptist Faith and Message was first created by a committee appointed out of the Southern Baptist Convention in the mid-1920's. The Convention at that time deemed it necessary to have a document that outlined the tenets of the Christian faith as viewed by their denomination. In 1925, the first version of the Baptist Faith and Message was adopted by the delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention.

The document consists of a number of sections outlining the beliefs of Southern Baptists on a number of spiritual issues. These include their belief that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, their belief in the triune God and His attributes and their belief that Jesus of Nazerath is the only Son of God and through Him comes salvation. The document also outlines their view on baptism, salvation, grace, and church membership, among other issues.

The Baptist Faith and Message has gone through two more committees over the years and been revised to clarify and adjust the original writing. The second committee's version was adopted in 1966 and the most recent was in 2000.

The sections of the most recent version are as follows:


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