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Baradla Barlang is the largest cave complex in Hungary, located about 40 km northwest of Miskolc, Hungary. Comprised of three large caves, it has three entrances: the natural entrance near Aggtelek and two artificial entrances. Two underground rivers and a lake are also located in the caves. The combined length of the subterranean labyrinth’s tunnels reaches 25 km, extending across the Slovak Republic´s border accessible with a separate entry on the Slovak side.

Archeological excavation has proven that the caves were once visited by stone-age man. Tourism began in the mid 1800´s and was spurred on by the postcards with images from the caves. In the 1920´s, an artificial exit was created and bridges inside the caves, still used today, were completed. The most impressive change happened when the electric system was built, and the visited sections of the caves were illuminated.

Since 1985 the Directorate of the Aggtelek National Park has managed the Baradla Cave. Baradla Cave was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 in recognition of their huge stalactites and stalagmites.

Matáv, the Hungarian subsidiary of T-Mobile International has completed the first phase of a project to bring modern telecommunications technology to the Baradla caves.

Matáv is wiring the caves with a 1 km long fiber optic cable for tourism and environment conservation. Remote controlled cameras are connected to the cable in two places. One where hundreds of bats spend their lives and in a grotto amphitheater where classical music cave concerts are held during the year.

When the project is completed the cameras will be connected to the Internet and the images will be broadcast on the web for people around the world to see. Additional support and transmission equipment has been installed by Matáv in the offices of the National Park.

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