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Pronounced 'Bah-ree Go-tee'

A charming area in Barcelona, Spain.

Also known as The Gothic Quarter, the center of old Barcelona is lined with narrow streets and unannounced little squares filled with budget hotels, hostels, cafes, restaurants and of course, tapas bars.

Many of the medieval city's buildings date back to the early 15th century; there is much to savor here for any lover of Gothic architecture.

I spent my 25th birthday enjoying the gothic quarter of Barcelona in May of 2002. The paella is delicious and the vibe of the city is lively.

One thing about the Barri Gotic that I found interesting though...it seems to be separated by an invisible line concerning tourists. The northern half is very chic, full of trendy little shops and feels very safe. On the other hand, the southern half of the quarter has a darker, seedier feel to it (think of NYC's East Village if that helps any).

I recommend a visit if you ever happen to be in Northern Spain or Southern France!

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