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Basildon, Essex, UK

Basildon is a town in the south east of England, about 20 miles to the east of London, with a population of 166 000

It is a commuter town and is also following noble modern traditions of moving all the retail and entertainment facilities to the out-skirts in big shopping parks.

It possesses a large NHS hospital in the south which is one of the first 10 Foundation Hospitals in the NHS's new attempts to reform the financial and management side of the health system.

Most entertainment is found at the Festival Leisure Park to the north, which has a cinema, a number of bars and restaurants, as well as some very cheesy nightclubs.

However, in terms of entertainment, Basildon has only very limited offerings. It's proximity to London via either train or car means that a quality evening's enjoyment often involves a 40 minutes commute. Also nearby is Southend on Sea which is, as suggested by the name, on the coast to the north of the opening of the great river Thames.

Historically, the name of Basildon is of Saxon origin meaning 'Beorhtels Hill', but the history of the district goes back to the early Stone Age.

Bronze Age inhabitants left ample evidence of their settlement in the area and some years ago a Bronze Age axe was found at Vange, a small village to the south.

It did however remain a tiny settlement up through the Middle Ages and it's time was not to come until the need for new housing in the post-war years prompted the need for new development. The designation order, and the basis of the "New Town" of Basildon was signed on the 4th January 1949.

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