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or the genius of misheard song titles

I was listening to RockLine on the radio tonight while driving home from a movie, and the members of a band called Incubus were the guests. I'm not really all that familiar with Incubus...obviously, as you shall see.

At one point they mentioned the name of one of their songs, I thought they called it "Battlescar Scholastica", which really made me smile. What a totally cool name for a song. Everyone has a battle scar or two from high school.

So of course I get on the internet when I get home, and search for "battlescar scholastica" on two or three search engines, Google, Raging, gnapster, and E2 of course. Nada.

Hmm, that's weird..., so I start poking around a bit, and I find "Battlestar Scralatchtica"... Comparatively speaking, man, as names go, that's just lame.

So now I've got this "Battlescar Scholastica" thing rattling around in my brain. So what the hell can I do with it? Well, I can node it...and so I have.

(I'm sure someone will write a follow-up telling me this is old, old, old, but that's ok. This node ain't old.)

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