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Microsoft's new slogan in their fight against piracy. They seem to be on a truly misguided crusade against evil software distributers who trick poor, helpless executives and families into buying illegally pirated software. They've released whole brocures and put up web pages all about how to distinguish pirated software from the real thing.

Is it possible that they're really that dumb, and they actually believe the excuses people give them when their secret surveilance technology sends them running into houses with uzis, threatening the first little sister they find?

"What, this version of Windows 2000 I have installed on my PC is pirated? But, I bought it from a booth at my local computer show, in a jewel case with an inkjet printed label, and a CD-R written on with a sharpie inside it, for just $5! He said it was marked down because the Microsoft warehouse was overstocked!"

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