Adagio - strings of shade


It is the beckoning, now, now here. It is the dawn, glistened by dew from the red sun, blood and carnage and her slow ascent to a heaven we cannot imagine. She shines, boldly, her last breath singing on the hinges of our shoulders, blades attached; where I can reach down into your neck and slide my fingers till I find the missing spot. The blind spot. Where darkness is seeping out.

I cannot watch meekly upon ignorance of all sorts, arrogance towards own ignorance. I am not fit for this world, your words, your significance, your mission towards finding purpose and meaning. I have all but fulfillment and atonement. I do not have you.

This - funeral music, orchestrated by silver claws, talons long as open oceans, eyes as far reaching as lakes across landscapes, hair that covers clouds by far, gently and kindly.

This - funeral music, adagio per strings, repeat my rapture, my virtue, my virginity of humanity, never complete, never accomplished. Remaining an absolute stranger, one without any intentions, in place of intentions lacking proper names and sounds familiar. I am not of you. I shall take my leave.

It is the dawn, her rusty feathers, wings of murky steel eaten clean by age. It is the dawn, her bubbling veins beneath an armoured chest, whispers of one scale upon the other, and infinitely more, sliding in motion as the vessel moves, glides through the wind. It is the dawn, her frozen eyes, seeking, wishing for more, more, more. No shining knights on white steeds. No princesses with frilly dresses. No golden hoards. There is nothing left, simply a fiery tongue by breath, drawing the wind. She soars.

I say goodbye to you; you who never came. And I take the gift with me, as the gift must not be lost. I do not need to close the doors or shut the windows, do not need to burn the garden or the castle. Just let her take me, feed on me, devour me.

She soars, like a gigantic reminder of the sun's definite demise, she soars further, taller, stronger, larger. She will last; forever.

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