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A game played occasionally on The Late Show with David Letterman. Initially, the setting was Joe G's Pizza, a pizza restaurant that used to be next to the Ed Sullivan Theatre. Now that Joe G's has moved, however, the game takes place in Rupert Jee's Hello Deli. A contestant, usually someone who happens to be dining in the restaurant at the time, is selected at random, introduced to the camera, and asked if they know how to play the game.

If the contestant does not know how the game is played, Dave tells him/her that the object of the game is to beat the clock. Immediately thereafter, the thirty-second clock is started, and the countdown begins.

There is invariably lots of self-conscious glancing around on the part of the contestant, as they try to figure out what it is they're supposed to be doing during the thirty seconds. And, invariably, they lose.

For some reason, it's hilarious.

anotherone points out that if the contestant beats the clock, they stop the clock. Or if they stop the clock, he beats the clock. Or they beat the clock, then stop the....you know, I'm not really sure. In any case, the losers often receive their very own Beat the Clock Home Game.

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