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The Beaujolais is a wine area located at the north of Lyon in France.

The type of vine used to produce Beaujolais wine is the only type of vine authorized for the red wines, the gamay. It is advisable to mention for memory which the decrees of name provide the use of Pinot Noir. This type of vine is not used any more. Small production of white Beaujolais wine, which accounts for 1% of the total production comes exclusively from the Chardonnay type of vine.

The Beaujolais wine is not summarized only with the Beaujolais nouveau wine. Even if this one is the most famous ambassador of the Beaujolais area, it is not a reason to forget other names. There are 12 of them.

The Beaujolais. It is the widest name of which a part is tasted as of November under the name Beaujolais nouveau.

The Beaujolais Villages. Distributed on 38 villages, they account for 25% of the total production of the Beaujolais vineyard. There too, a part is marketed in Beaujolais Nouveau Villages.

The 10 vintages of the Beaujolais wine are :

More info on: http://www.beaujolais.net

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