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Japanese TV drama miniseries starring Kimura Takuya and Tokiwa Takako about an independent hairdresser who falls in love with a wheelchair bound librarian. Another minor plot is the romance between the librarian's brother Masao and her coworker at the library- this subplot is mainly for comedy purposes. For some reason, early in the series the characters eat a lot of ramen, while later on in the series they eat a lot of nabe It is a good story with a sobering and predictably sad ending. Theme song is by B'z.

Why is it that americans watch so much anime and yet at the same time are so ignorant of the fact that Japanese TV has some really good dramas? It really pisses me off to have all these so-called "anime fans" taking up space in my Japanese class, bringing their narrow perspective on japanese culture to the fore at all times- in other words- REAL JAPANESE PEOPLE DON'T WATCH ANIME ALL THE TIME- I should know, I lived with 20-something Japanese kids for a year and very very rarely did they watch anime. They watched TV dramas such as "Beautiful Life" instead.

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