A little something for your stranger than fiction or slightly disturbing files:

The March 15, 2002 of the Nebraska Farm Bureau News (vol. XX, Issue No. 3) contained an advertisement from the newly-formed beef spokes-character. In the upper-right hand corner of the ad is a picture of a plush, cowboy-hat-wearin', superhero-cape-sportin' mascot, with "BEEF" written across his chest. In the bottom-left hand corner, we have a hand-drawn depiction, only now he's munching on a juicy hamburger. In between, he addresses the readers:

Howdy y'all! My name is BEEFMAN and I'm here to say that BEEF is good for you in every way. It's got Zinc, Iron, Protein and more! Eating BEEF will make you strong to the core.

I am a friend of the folks at the Nebraska Beef Council. My first major debut was recently at the Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic in Kearney, NE. My next big project will be taking the nutrition message into the classrooms at area schools. March is nutrition Month and I will be telling youth that Beef has ZIP, and is important in a healthy diet to grow up big and strong!

If that's not trippy enough for you, there's a web site: To my disappointment, there's no Beefman appearance there, but you can download a "Learn about Beef" coloring book or an "All about Beef" activity book.

It's just good to know that the struggling Beef Industry is looking for new ways to get its product out there. I'll leave you with a bit of wisdom from the activity book:

Beef fits into a healthy diet. Eat beef every day!

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