Amongst pilots, a famously lucky gum to be chewed and placed on aircraft. Is to pilots what chewing tobacco is to baseball players, or at least, all the pilots I associate with. Tastes of pepsin and difficult to find today, was fairly popular in the post-war era of the 50s and 30s, but then, civilian aviation is no where near as popular as it was in those times. Continually referenced in the movie The Rocketeer which takes place in the 30s and in both the book and movie of The Right Stuff which takes place in the 50s and 60s. Developed by Adams, which was later bought by the American Chicle Company (makers of Chiclets) who were eventually bought by the Warner-Lambert Company, a part of Pfizer. Recently, Adams was sold to the Cadbury Company. Advertised to aid digestion.

update: I've noticed that this writeup has been softlinked to both "apostrophe" and "Insulting softlinks". The name of the product is Beemans Gum, there is no apostrophe. After some investigation, I've only found one occurrence of Beemans written with an apostrophe and that was on glass sign being sold as a misprinted collectible. All other packing and signage had Beemans written without apostrophe. I’d link images, but then that wouldn’t be noding for the ages.

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