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A campfire song my sister brought back from girl scout camp; a version of "Bedbugs and Roaches".

"Beetles and Mosquitoes"

I woke up in the morning
I looked up on the wall
The beetles and mosquitoes
Were playing a game of ball

The score was six to zero
The beetles were ahead
Then one guy from the other team
Kicked me out of bed!

I'm singin' eenie meenie and a miny mo
I'm singin' catch a wipper-wopper by his toe
And if he hollers hollers hollers, let him go
I'm singin' eenie meenie and a miny mo

I went downstairs for breakfast
I ordered ham and eggs
But when I got my orange juice
It spilled all down my legs

My mother is a robber
My father is a spy
I opened up my big mouth
And called the FBI!


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