A game from Cheapass Games. The text on the package reads:

In this game, which works with 2-6 players and doesn't take long at all (they claim 15 minutes average time per game, but I'd say it's closer to 7)., you are a supervillain. You have a set of cards: lair cards, doubler cards, and spy cards. Players take turns, building up their lair and playing spies into their lair or other people's lairs. If a spy's value is less than the lair's total value, the spy is captured, else they escape, destroying the lair in the process. You can kill the spy, getting a number of points equal to the spy's value, or you can play a "doubler", which is a card with a letter and text (which you must read out loud, else the game sucks). The letter is in case another player has a doubler with a matching letter, in which case they can play it, causing the spy to escape and destroy your lair. The text is always hilarious; the "Before I kill you" is added to the spy's name and the text, and anyone who's seen a spy movie will find the combination to be a wonderful parody of the spy genre. For instance:

Each doubler doubles the spy's value (your lair doesn't blow up unless someone else plays a matching doubler), and you can play multiple doublers on a spy. The game is played until there are no more spies or someone reaches 30 points. In a move that some dislike, Mr. Bond is not the most powerful spy in the game; I personally like this, as it represents that Mr. Bond has weakness for women that has clouded his judgement in more than a few films.

This particular game costs $5.00, and since it consists of a deck of cards, you simply need a way to track points to play -- a pad of paper works wonderfully for this.

Update: Unfortunately, due to legal threats on the part of the holders of the rights to the Bond movies, the game is out of print and will not be printed again as-is (though obviously there are ways around it, Mr. Bond is what makes this game amusing).
A Later Update: Thanks to bluescreen, I can now tell you the game has been re-released as James Ernest’s Totally Renamed Spy Game.

Also, in response to DanHibiki: You want to be holding big spies in reserve for yourself once you get a lair of decent size, not trying to blow up others' lairs with spies (particularly when duplicate doublers will do); it takes many, many doublers to get a sizeable amount of points with a low-value spy, but Mr. Bond with a value of seven takes merely two doublers to get up to 28! (The top spy, with her value of 8, requires just two doublers for an insta-win.)

A silly and potentially entertaining card game from Cheapass Games, Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond's gameplay is undeniably flawed. I shan't go into the rules as they've already been covered by another writeup, but what may not be immediately obvious from reading them is the frequency with which the game degenerates into a pissing contest of players blowing up each other's lairs before they can get built up to a decent size, not enough lair cards get drawn, and you all sit there staring at the empty space on the table in front of you until the deck runs out. If anyone has a way of preventing this, I'd love to know about it. For now, though, I'll stick to Unexploded Cow and Give Me the Brain.

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