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In bed, snuggling up to you, so close that our skin is melting and we are slowly but surely becoming one: perfection.

The morning peeks around the curtains and tries to invade our private world but we are oblivious, finding joy in each other as we remember things we've forgotten overnight. I revise your mischievous smile, your beautiful mouth and sleepy eyes and find that all is in order: you are still my gorgeous boy and in the hours I've spent sleeping you haven't changed a bit.

Faces close and eyes locked together, some days we talk about important things, sometimes we talk about stupid stuff, and sometimes we don't talk at all. On those days we just curl into each other and marvel silently at how perfect it all seems as the day stretches ahead. The sun warns us that it's almost time to get back to the 'real world' of work and the alarm clock yells at us to get out of bed every ten minutes when the 'snooze' wears off.

This is my favourite part of the day: time with you, in bed, warm and happy, before reality creeps in.

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