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One of those places I just don't want to be, not now, not any time in the near future, I just do not want to be the operator of a moving vehicle. I have trouble taking in all that the world throws at me when I'm walking on my own two feet, when I can feel the ground beneath me. It frightens me to think what might happen if I was travelling at speeds in excess of.. well, faster than walking, and slowly. I'm at this stage in my life where I simply do not have the ability to perform arduous, mentally demanding tasks, especially ones I've never been particularly fond of.

It really isn't that I don't see the merits that go along with holding a license, being able to transport yourself around. I see them.. but I also don't need a vehicle to visit my favourite locations.

So for now, it would be nice if the world would just get off my back, I don't intend to start driving any time in the immediate future, I don't need to, nor do I want to. Just let me stroll along the road of life while you speed past, missing the finer points of the Universe.

I have this theory.. if I'm supposed to, at any point, move faster than my own two legs can carry me, I'll sprout wings or something. For now, I'll be the one kneeling beside the road, brushing my fingers lovingly across the petals of a stark white daisy.

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