Back in the days of yore, a pint of Guinness per day was prescribed by Irish doctors for pregnant women to stave off anaemia due to the iron content in the dark ruby brew.

Roughly the same time, Guinness breweries came out with their famous slogan:

"Guinness is good for you"

Behold the power of Guinness.

The days of yore are not that long ago. My mother was anaemic whilst she was pregnant with me, and the doctors cure was to deposit a case of Guinness Original next to her, and tell her to "drink as much as you can". Doctors in geriatric wards used to give out daily half pints of Guinness with a hefty dose of blackcurrant in it, to stave off anaemia, and any diseases related to vitamin C deficiency in the patients.

Anyway I don't believe Guinness, gorgeous as it tastes, is good for you - have you never had a Guinness Dump on the morning after the night before........

There is no way anything that does that to you can be remotely healthy.

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