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Is actually pretty fun.

I normally enjoy the grog and am reluctant to assume the Designated Driver role, but on New Year's Eve I make an exception. That's because New Year's Eve is Amateur Night as far as drinking is concerned. People who aren't used to drinking always drink too much. (One could also argue that the world needs more designated drivers this one night.) And it's amazing what you can observe and learn by staying sober while seemingly everyone else is getting smashed. As Party Historian, you can have a lot of interesting material to work with, including unattainable New Year's resolutions.

Another advantage is that I've lived in places that do Levees on the morning of January 1, which is a house-to-house free drinking thing. If you're hung over, you can't enjoy the Levee scene. And if you were driving the night before, you can let somebody else drive for the Levee scene (Perhaps, someone who has sworn to never drink again?)

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