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Probably the most common objective in life is "Rising above average. Not ending up being mediocre".

What is average? The definition of average, is:

Any medial estimate or general statement derived from a comparison of diverse specific cases; a medium or usual size, quantity, quality, rate, etc.

As it seems, no-one wants to be average. People want to prosper, to experience success and feel superior to common people.

Who are these common people? Those that want these exact same things, but are unable to achieve them? So in a matter a fact the term "average" cannot be applied to any certain person. You cannot clearly distinct, if some person is an average person.. There are no average people. The average is just the medial estimate of diversities in different qualities. Of course your income can be "around the average", as well as some other basic numeric values in your life, that can easily be compared to other people's corresponding values.

But the most important things in your life, cannot be compared to others and so, average cannot be counted. There are no absolute values in certain things, such as: family, relationships, friends, hobbies, skills or personality. In those things, there is only *diversity*.

No better nor worse, nothing to compare to others.

People can be divided into groups according to age, sex, marital status, income and numerous other special characteristics. But it is impossible to count the value of things that define who you are.

I'm not afraid to become a man with an average income, 1.8 children, 0.75 cars and 0.05 dogs.

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