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1 part Irish Cream ( Baileys is recommended)
1 part Irish Whiskey (Jameson is recommended, Bushmills if you are wealthy)


This Drink can be served in one of two ways. The first, most popular, is as a shot. Simply pour equal parts into a shot glass, and have at it. The second, more preferable way is as a cocktail. Pour equal parts into a cocktail glass over crushed ice and take at your leisure.


The Baileys really masks the harshness of the whiskey well. This drink goes down very smoothly, but has a habit of sneaking up behind you 15 minutes later and dropping the heavy end of the hammer on you. I can personally attribute at least one morning of waking up on the floor of the Port Authority to this devil in disguise. The rather uncouth name seems to be exclusive, AFAIK, to the pubs in Queens, New York, most notably the Irish neighborhoods of Woodside/Sunnyside and environs. Be careful out there.

*Note: the author does not condone excessive use of alcohol, and no longer partakes of it. Please Drink responsibly

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