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Type: SAV-07-D (Support Attack Virtuaroid) Height: 17.2m Weight: 10.4t Max. Gross Weight: 27.8t Max. Power Output: 5270kw

Left Trigger - Napalm Canister Similar to Dorkas' Napalm attack, but with only one "wave" of explosives. However, it travels faster than the Dorkas version, does more damage, and might get a knockdown. It also has a longer range.

Right Trigger - Grenades More like rockets, this fires a salvo of fast rocket propelled grenades at the opponent. Although powerful, this attack does not home. It is similar to lasers in that manner, but much more damage caused per hit. It recharges fairly quickly.

Both Triggers - Homing Missiles Fires a bunch of homing missiles into the air where it will track the opponent. It is much slower than the grenades but harder to avoid because it homes quite well. Also, since it fires upwards it can bypass some obstacles. Belgdor can stand behind the hill in his home level, say, and fire it over at the opponent. Does significant damage.

Another VR I never use. This mech is strictly a long range, ground attack mech. It's close combat capabilities are horrible, but it can "row" in the air like the Bal Bas Bow, making it somewhat easier to avoid enemy attacks. It isn't exactly speedy, so once the enemy closes in it is often difficult to get away in order to launch the long range missile attacks.

I really don't have much to say about this one. It has no desirable capabilities, especially against the host of players using melee mechs such as Temjin and Apharmd, and fast mechs such as Viper II and Fei-Yen. With such quick enemies these weapons lose much of their effectiveness. Avoid this mech. If you really want to play him, then you must be either too good with all the other mechs, or you are a newbie.

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