A Polish vodka, very highly rated and very highly recommended.
The tall (750ml) bottle features a frosted finish, with a clear section in front showing an image of Poland's Presidential Palace on the rear. The clear section is framed by two silver trees, leafless, with snow on the branches.

On the back of the bottle:

Warsaw, Poland Since the fifteenth century, the world's finest vodka has been crafted by Poland's expert distillers. Belvedere, meaning "beautiful to see" is the name of Poland's Presidential Palace, and is a fitting title for perhaps the world's smoothest vodka, made from 100% Polish rye and distilled four times. Created in the same tradtion for over 600 years.

Bel`ve*dere" (?), n. [It., fr. bello, bel, beautiful + vedere to see.] Arch.

A small building, or a part of a building, more or less open, constructed in a place commanding a fine prospect.


© Webster 1913.

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