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British musician and producer

Bad news first, right? This is the guy who wrote and produced Traci Lords' solo album, and you might have a hard time forgiving someone for doing that, but there is a lot more to Mr. Watkins.

In the early eighties Watkins started out in the London based new wave band the Hitmen (featuring Alan Wilder who later ended up in Depeche Mode and Recoil) and also played in Empty Quarter with Youth from Killing Joke.

After these, mainly guitar-based, bands he formed the Flowerpot Men together with Adam Peters, and recorded some highly dancable songs, with intense drum-patterns and basslines not too unlike later techno bands. (The term wasn't invented back then...)

After the Flowerpot Men mutated into Sunsonic and got dropped by their label, Watkins played with several short-lived collaborations before forming Juno Reactor.

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