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Futurama Episode #26: Bender Gets Made
Production #2ACV13
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2000 at 7PM
Intro Caption: "Simulcast On Crazy People's Fillings"

When Leela is blinded by Elzar, a chef, the crew is invited to Elzar's restaurant to reconsolate the accident. But the crew did not know that the meal Elzar had cooked was not paid for and as a result, Bender had to work at Elzar to pay for the meal.

While working at Elzar's restaurant, Bender meets the robot mafia. Later, Bender joins the robot mafia and is asked to rob the Planet Express for Zuban cigars. To disguise himself while Fry and Leela are blindfolded, Bender (under the pseudonym, Blotto) switches his voice to "King." When the robot mafia finishes robbing the ship, Bender volunteers to "burn down" the crew, but in fact saves the crew.

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