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An exceptional martial artist who earned his first black belt at age fourteen, which was a rare feat at the time. During the testing he had two of his ribs broken by his brother, Arnold. He now holds black belts in nine different styles of martial art.

He is nicknamed "The Jet" after his trademark jump spinning back kick.

Benny introduced full contact karate or American kickboxing to the United States, and has a distinguished fighting career with over two hundred wins and zero losses to his credit.

He successfully defended six world championships in five weight divisions for twenty four years before he retired which make him the longest-reigning world champion in professional sports history.

Since retirement he has concentrated on his movie career, choreographing martial arts sequences in a number of films, and appearing in other films such as Con Air (stuntman and trainer for Nicholas Cage), and Grosse Pointe Blank.

He also operates a successful gym called "Jets Gym" in California where he teaches his own style of martial arts, Ukidokan karate, with his wife Sara.

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