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Bernard Manning is a racist, sexist, homophobic 'comedian' based in the North of England.

Samples of Manning's 'humour' will be included at the bottom of this write-up. These are extremely offensive to non-white people, and it should not be thought that I approve or find them funny.

Manning sprung to fame in the UK in the 70s on the Granada TV show 'The Comedians' (sic), telling mother-in-law jokes along with the likes of Frank Carson and, later, Jim Davidson. He has since become possibly the most successful 'old-school' comedian in Britain, playing to packed (white, working class, middle-aged) houses every night.

He also owns his own club, 'the World Famous Embassy Club', just outside Rochdale, near Manchester. I would be very interested BTW if anyone outside the UK has heard of this 'world famous' club. At this club one can often find Manning himself performing, or 'comedians' of his ilk, occasionally supplemented by bad tribute acts to Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly. Not many black people attend.

Manning himself claims not to be racist, but here are two examples of his 'jokes' - make your own mind up:

A black bloke walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder.
'Where'd you get that then?' said the barman'
'Oh, you can find them all over the jungle' said the parrot.

What's the difference between a dead rat in the road and a dead paki in the road?
There's swerve marks by the rat.

I have tried to make this as objective as possible, but Manning is not my favourite person in the world, and that has probably come out...

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