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Bert's one of those Ubiquitous Australian celebrities who always seems popular, but it's almost impossible to find anyone who likes him. Maybe that's because his audience are all blue-rinse brigade, and I don't spend enough time in nursing homes or around poker machines.

Bert's a celebrity because he's on TV, and that's it.

Since television began in Australia in 1951, Bert Newton, with his twin talents as a natural comedian and sophisticated compere, has been a favourite with the viewing public, visiting celebrities and critics alike. During a visit to Australia in 1983, Bob Hope said of Bert, "Personally, he is a fine man. Professionally, he is one of the best I've ever seen."

Bert's career has been recognised with an incredible collection of awards including 15 Logie's (six of which were Gold) and an MBE from the Queen in 1979. He has earned a reputation as Australia's premier Master of Ceremonies for special event television and has hosted the Logie Awards a record 18 times.

In 1975 Bert became compere of the Nine Network's 'New Faces' show, which was on air for 22 years. He has also had 20 years working on live variety productions with Graham Kennedy and Don Lane. In 1984 he hosted 'Tonight with Bert Newton', which is of special significance - he was the first compere to present a fortnightly variety show on a national basis.

In July 1985 Bert left the Nine Network after a record-breaking 27 years and in 1986 joined 3DB Radio Melbourne as General Manager and on-air personality. 1989 saw Bert's return to the Seven Network as host of 'The Bert Newton Show'.

Bert starred in The Wizard of Oz and as Cogsworth in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. In 1991, during The Wizard of Oz, he was signed by Network Ten to host 'Good Morning Australia', which he continues to host today.

(bio taken from http://www.oncueonline.com.au/oncue/profile/celebs/bert_newton/bert_newton.htm, obviously written by someone working for a TV station)

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