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('boygle boodle behr')

Low German for 'B├╝gelflaschenbier' (clamp bottle beer). The term refers to a number of brands of beer mainly from northern Germany (like Flensburger Pilsner and Dithmarscher Pils) that come in a unique container: Small, sturdy glass bottles holding 330ml (12floz), with a clamp mechanism on the neck that holds a ceramic plug with a rubber ring in place to seal the bottle.

What sounds like a typical example of German over-engineering actually has many advantages, other than looking cool:

  • It makes a very satisfying foomp! sound when you first open it (by using your thumbs to push against the lower part of the clamp)
  • It is resealable!
  • You can perform a number of cool bar tricks with it, like opening the bottle by striking the plug very hard with the side of your index finger. Of course, this will result in a broken finger and minor cuts if not done properly.
The deposit bottles are part of Germany's multi-trip system, so returning them with the clamp or plug missing, or parts of your fingers trapped in the mechanism is discouraged.

Several people have pointed out that the lovely Grolsch (Netherlands) uses similar bottles, as well as some beers in Denmark. It still seems to be a northern European thing.

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