Come live your fantasies in Beverly Hills
Come on and make your dreams come true
And there's a teen club in Beverly Hills
So many things for us to do
Fun for me and you
And the people here dance into the night
Everybody is dressed up out of sight
We're living in style, we do it right
In Beverly Hills

Short-lived eighties cartoon set in Beverly Hills, California. The show revolved around the antics of a group of ultra-rich high school students including: devious Bianca Dupree, saccharine Lark Tanner, would-be lothario Pierce Thorndyke III, rockers Jet and Gig, surfer Radley and boy genius Chester McTech. Despite its in-your-face 80s materialism, flaunting of luxury (including Bianca's yacht, The Baracuda and the Teen Mobile, a limousine with a swimming pool) and catchy theme song, the show only lasted one season.

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