Could be sage advice for those who fashion themselves Christian. Jesus pissed off everybody. The local religious right hated him, and got him killed. Even his disciples got extremely upset with his willingness to fraternize with the freaky and infectious. If your concept of Jesus makes you extremely comfortable, you may need to start comparing your beliefs and actions to the stories of his life. If you still feel completely comfortable, you are either a true saint, or you're fooling yourself by glossing over parts of Jesus' teachings and actions that you disagree with.

Do you pass the homeless without blinking when you go shopping? Many of the religious right view these people with contempt, calling them lazy. They call them bums. You'd never see a televangelist stopping on the street to wash the feet of a prostitute. Yet, these same people sell icons and salvation. Look out, Jesus might be coming after you with the same scourge he used to chase the salesmen from the temple of Jerusalem!

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