The Disney animated film Pinocchio is full of Biblical imagery. For example, the film's characters can be fairly well associated with the main characters of Christianity:

  • Geppetto, the father who created an imperfect child, is God the Father.
  • Jiminy Cricket, who serves as a conscience and guide to the imperfect child, is Jesus Christ. Even his name suggests this comparison.
  • This leaves the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit to be played by the Blue Fairy. And, of course,
  • Pinocchio, the imperfect child who becomes fully alive with the help of Jiminy Cricket and through doing good things, is humanity.
  • Stromboli, who benefits when the fox and the cat entice Pinocchio into wicked pleasures only to trap him, is Satan.

Add to this the scene in the belly of the whale, so evocative of Jonah's story, and what you've got is a morality play straight out of the medieval ages.

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